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Embassy of the Philippines
Bataan Street corner 1600 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 20036

Tel: 202.467.9300 / 202.467.9363
Fax: 202.328.7614

Emergency hotline : +1-202-368-2767
VAW (Violence Against Women) desk
and Assistance to Nationals (ATN) hotline
: +1-202-769-8049
Overseas Absentee Voting (OAV) hotline : +1-571-494-1418

Office of the Ambassador ([email protected])
Ambassador Jose Manuel G. Romualdez
Tel: 202.467.9366

Office of the Deputy Chief of Mission ([email protected])
Minister & Consul Patrick A. Chuasoto
Tel: 202.467.9314

Consular Section ([email protected])
Consul General Renato Pedro O. Villa
First Secretary & Consul Katrina Borja-Martin
Third Secretary & Vice Consul Mylhyn M. Acosta

Tel: 202.467.9319

Passport ([email protected]) : 202.467.9325
Consular outreach ([email protected]) : 202.467.9303
Issuance of travel documents, Assistance to nationals ([email protected]): 202.467.9382
Authentication and legalization of documents ([email protected]): 202.467.9319
Dual citizenship ([email protected]) : 202.467.9387
Visa ([email protected]) : 202.467.9324
Civil Registry ([email protected]) : 202.467.9312
Consular policies, complaints, grievances: 202.467.9385

Consular Outreach Mission appointments: [email protected]
Legalization / consularization of documents: [email protected]
Visa matters: [email protected]
Re-acquisition of Philippine citizenship: [email protected]
Other consular matters: [email protected]

Political Section ([email protected])
Minister & Consul Rosanna Villamor-Voogel
Minister & Consul Gunther Emil M. Sales
Tel: 202.467.9354

Legislative Section ([email protected])
Minister & Consul Rosanna Villamor-Voogel
Minister & Consul Gunther Emil M. Sales
Tel: 202.467.9379

Public Diplomacy Section ([email protected] / [email protected])
Third Secretary & Vice Consul Darell Ann R. Artates
Tel: 202.467.9398 / 202.467.9432

Economic Section ([email protected])
Minister & Consul Jose Victor Chan-Gonzaga
Tel: 202.467.9393

Administrative Section ([email protected])
Second Secretary & Consul Shirley Flores

Tel: 202.467.9401
Client Feedback

Agricultural Attache's Office ([email protected])
Dr. Josyline C. Javelosa
Tel: 202.467.9422 | Fax: 202.467.9421

Commercial Section ([email protected])
Commercial Counselor Raymond Albert H. Batac
Tel: 202.467.9419

Defense & Armed Forces Affairs Office
Col. Marlo M. Guloy ([email protected][email protected])
Tel: 202.467.9329 | Fax: 202.467.9437

Philippine Overseas Labor Office
Labor Attaché Angela L. Trinidad ([email protected])
Welfare Officer Josephine Tobia ([email protected])
Tel: 202.467.9426 (Labor Office) | 202.467.9413 (Welfare Office) | Fax: 202.887.5830

Police Attache's Office ([email protected])
C/Supt. Sotero D.G. Ramos, Jr. 
Tel: 202.467.9395 | Fax: 202.467.9415

Office of Veterans Affairs ([email protected])
Commodore Elson K. Aguilar (Ret.)
Tel: 202.467.9410 | Fax: 202.467.9358


Philippine Honorary Consulates in the US

Ms. Jennifer Ruth Gomez Strickler
Consul, a.h.

Philippine Consulate
251 South Franklin Street
Juneau, Alaska 99801
Tel. No: 907-723-9053

Mr. Raoul Donato
Consul General, a.h.

Philippine Consulate General
4035 Stovall Terrace, N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30342
Tel. No: 404-264-0564
[email protected]

Dr. Jose L. Evangelista
Consul General, a.h.

Philippine Consulate General
10475 Farmington Rd
Livonia, Michigan 48150
Tel. No: 734-427-9440

Ms. Ethel R. Mercado
Consul, a.h.

Philippine Consulate
8315 Navisota Drive
Lantana, Texas 76226
Tel. No: 940-728-2222

Atty. Audie de Castro
Consul a.h.

Philippine Consulate
701 B Street Suite 1745
San Diego, California 92101
Tel. No: 619-702-8691

Mr. Roberto G. Romero
Consul, a.h.

Philippine Consulate
6660 Riverside Drive, Suite 102
Metairie, Louisiana 70003
Tel. No: 504-533-9822

Mr. Glicerio M. Arago
Consul, a.h.

Philippine Consulate
JP Centre, 2/F, Beach Road
Garapan, Saipan, MP 96950
Tel. No: 670-235-0560 ext. 115/155

Dr. Henry Boland Howard
Consul, a.h.

Philippine Consulate
1200 Brickell Avenue, Suite 310
Miami, Florida 33131
Tel. No: 786-777-0300 ext. 7103