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PR -  47 – 2019

(28 June 2019, Honolulu, Hawaii) – The Philippine Consulate General in Honolulu, in partnership with the Filipino Young Leaders Program (FYLPRO) and the Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii (FCCH), organized an Information Session on FYLPRO on 25 June 2019 at the Philippine Consulate. FYLPRO was established in 2012 in cooperation with the Ayala Foundation Inc. (AFI) to annually identify ten (10) outstanding young professionals in the Filipino communities across the United States and provide them with invaluable community, business, and government exposure in the Philippines with the hopes that they can lead positive change in their communities in the US. For the past seven (7) years, Hawaii has produced eight (8) participants to the FYLPRO which includes Ms. Kit Zulueta (2012), Mr. Randy Cortez (2013), Mr. Mike Dahilig (2014), Mr. Ty Cullen (2015), Mr. Brandon dela Cruz (2016), Ms. Elizabeth Obod Frilles (2016), Mr. Tyler Dos Santos-Tam (2017), and Maj. Charlynne Mae McGinnis (2018).

Major McGinnis, Hawaii’s delegate in the 2018 FYLPRO, provided the briefing on FYLPRO. Mr. JR Calanoc, the current President of FYLPRO, was also present during the event as well as other past delegates from Hawaii: Mr. dela Cruz, Mr. Dos Santos-Tam and Ms. Obod-Frilles. Ms. Vanessa Kop, President of the Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii (FCCH), was also present to discuss more about opportunities for young FilAms to be involved in other community organizations such as FCCH, which can help them in their personal and professional developments.

The application period for the 2019 Cohort of FYLPRO will open on 1 July 2019. Deadline of submission of requirements is on 1 September 2019. Additional information can be found on the FYLPRO website: Interested applicants from Hawaii can also contact Vice Consul Andrea Christina Caymo (phone: 808-595-6316 | email: [email protected]).

To complement FYLPRO, the Philippine Consulate General in Honolulu created the Filipino Young Professionals Network of Hawaii (FYPNH). To know more about the activities of the Filipino Young Professionals, you can visit the following pages: Facebook - and Instagram - @filipinoyoungprofessionalhi.

Through the FYLPRO and FYPNH, the Consulate hopes to provide platforms for young Filipino Americans to know more about their heritage, connect them together, and inspire them to collaborate on projects that will create an impact to local Filipino community and help each other in their careers and other professional pursuits. (END)

Consul General Joselito Jimeno addressing the attendees of the FYLPRO Information Session

2019 FYLPRO Delegate from Hawaii, Major Charlynne Mae McGinnis discussing about FYLPRO and the application process

Vanessa Kop, President of the Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii, speaking about ways the young professionals can be involved in the Filipino community

Consul General Joselito Jimeno (third from right), DCG Angelica Escalona (2nd from left) and Vice Consul Andrea Christina Caymo (rightmost) together with FYLPRO President JR Canaloc (center) and past FYLPRO Delegates from Hawaii Elizabeth Obod-Frilles, Major Charlynne Mae McGinnis of the US Air Force, and Mr. Tyler Dos Santos-Tam who is also the Honorary Consul of Portugal